Watch Out In Your Weak Moments

Watch Out In Your Weak Moments


So humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7 NLT

It’s often in our weak moments, the devil tries to tempt us to sin. When we look into the story of Jesus, the devil tempted Him thrice, when Jesus was physically weak after 40 days of fasting. But our Lord has overcome the temptation with the Word. I would like to share one recent incident of my life.

On a Sunday morning, I started having a mild pain in my abdomen. I went to church by faith believing that God’s presence will heal me. The pain slowly started getting worse during the worship and by the time of Lord’s Communion, it became unbearable. I took the communion elements in my hand and cried out to God in pain asking Him to heal me believing in the power of communion. But the pain grew worse. After I came back to home, lying on my bed almost losing conscious, I heard the voice of the devil in my mind saying, “you went to church in spite of pain and took communion by faith, but God didn’t heal you. Here you are suffering with pain. Speak out now and blaspheme God that He has not healed you.” On one side, the unbearable pain and on the other side, the voice was so strong telling me to blaspheme God. It was at that moment the Holy Spirit strengthened me powerfully and I declared to myself, “My God is always good and I am not gonna open my mouth and say anything against Him.” The moment I said these words to myself, a divine comfort came upon me and I fell asleep. An hour later, when I woke up, the pain had totally left me.

In my weak moments, the devil tried to tempt me to sin. God could have healed me in the church but He allowed me to go through the pain to show His divine power to me during the battle. God always doesn’t heal us immediately. Certain times He allows us to go through that sickness and pain to display His magnificent Glory and Power in them. The devil tries to crush our spirit in our weak moments by spitting all lies and discouraging words at us. Do not give your ear to them. Resist him and he will flee from you.

— Shabna Nikhil

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